Domain Name

Where do you start when you want to build a website?
The first thing you require is the URL or the domain name. This domain is where you put your website. It is a very critical process in getting your website presence online. Most people tend to overlook this step and just think of purchasing something cheap. After all, it will be the place to put your website, and you should give it much consideration.

You need something that will convey your business in a good style. You should take into account the following factors when choosing your domain name.

Alignment with your business

This sounds obvious, but must be taken seriously. Make sure you align your business name to the domain name. If you have an existing business name for instance block builders, your domain name should be block builders.com or blockbuildersinc.com. This assists you customers in remembering your website and also your name.

Make it easy

It is by nature that most pzzzzzzzzeople tend to look for convenience. People should not have difficulty in typing or spelling your website otherwise  it will keep them off. Avoid the use of shortening words or slang words. Make it as easy as possible.

Short and simple

A long domain name tends to be tedious when typing it- you have to work in typing in your domain name. More than 20 characters exhaust the clients when typing. It is therefore recommended to have less than 20 characters for your domain name. Sometimes it is challenging to come up with a 2-3 word name for your domain especially when they are already in use. The steps discussed below will help you in tailoring your domain.

Use of keywords

It had been commonly used for an extended period when choosing the domain’s name. Tkkkkkkkhe practice no longer holds much power as it used in the old days regarding the SEO. You should pay attention to your objectives to come up with relevant and actual content that is useful to your website. This will be a significant milestone as you move towards the ranking of the websites by the search engines such as Google. Your content matters a lot than the domain’s name.

Make it memorable

This is paramount. It contributes to remembering your website. It is imperative for the domain name to stick in the minds of the people.

Avoid numbers and hyphens if possible

You should avoid this common mistake as it may hinder the searching process in your website. A domain name with a hyphen normally confuses people.